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At Dulishus, our goal is to free your inner foodie. Have you ever said, "I love to EAT really good food, but I can't MAKE really good food. Our spices help you to make the food you love to eat. 

Dulishus Foodies are people who love eating and sharing good food with friends or family around a table. Is that YOU?

As we made the decision to launch Dulishus to more people, we knew we'd need a distribution model. Our goal is to bring families and friends around the table to share meals, conversations, and love in as many homes as possible. Sitting around a table should be an enjoyable, uplifting experience, not a stressful one!

We believe the best people to help us share our spices are the people who use them! That's why we created a program to reward you for spreading our message of foodie freedom! 

All Dulishus Foodies will receive a special referral link to share with friends or family. This link will track anyone who comes to our site thanks to you! If the person makes a purchase within 60 days of visiting our site through your link, you will receive 20% of their purchase! People who use your link will also be able to get 10% off their first purchase!

Our Foodies also get access to a special Facebook community to share tips with other foodies and get insider information on upcoming launches and company developments!


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Join our Foodie Family!

Foodies will receive a 20% commission on direct sales that come from their link, plus other perks! Subscribe here to ensure you're one of the first to launch this program!

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