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We are Dulishus! Dulishus began with a desire to make it easy to cook food our family loved to eat! Brett began cooking as a teenager and has studied cooking techniques since college. When Brett and Meghan were first married and super poor, they would create meals using staple ingredients that were cheap and versatile. Brett loved experimenting with different flavors and bought a little coffee grinder to make spice blends from whole spices he would buy at international markets. 

When they had their first child, he experienced allergies and was unable to eat prepared foods, so we thrived from making our meals from scratch. With 5 mouths to feed, and little hands big enough to help, Brett started making his blends in bulk so that the whole family could cook our favorite dishes. We loved sharing our cooking with others, and our friends and family requested that we offer our blends for them to do the same!

In 2015, we began bottling our spices in glass jars to preserve the oils that are released while grounded that are responsible for the flavor in your spices! We recently upgraded our production methods and are ready to offer them Nationwide! Enjoy the flavor that hundreds of customers have brought to their family table! Free your inner foodie today!

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